Non Diet Counseling Skills

Are you an RD, a soon-to-be RD, or even a non-diet coach interested in helping people free their lives of diets, body image concerns, and disordered eating?

Whichever it is, you are sure to have some questions, right?

Do you find yourself pondering questions like?

Am I actually helping people? Did I even say that right? What do I do even when..? They can’t let go of wanting to lose weight; what now?

But when you’re sitting there, waiting for the phone to ring and answers to fall into your lap, you get nowhere.​

Let me introduce myself - I’m Tracy Brown, RD, LD/N. For the last 11 years, I have poured my energy into somatic nutrition therapy and specialization in eating disorders. And I have been been more than lucky to receive amazing training in a variety of treatment areas such as MI, CBT, ACT, interpersonal work, somatic work and learn how to do it from the angle of a dietitian.  

I also leaned on my own recovery and intuition to be able to help hundreds of people recover from serious diet trauma, body dissatisfaction and disordered eating.  

What really lights me up is teaching and empowering others what I do and what I want to see more of in the world - and I want to extend that to you!  

I want to be able to offer the incredible teachings I have gathered to help you become unstuck and more sure of your path to help you open doors and gain more confidence on your journey to a healthier you.

But confidence isn’t the only thing that I want to help you with - courage to take risks, compassion to know when to take the next steps, and reassurance to know you’re on the right track with your coaching and counseling skills.  

Because it is hugely important to me that I can expand my knowledge to you to help you grow and flourish, I want to give you that sureness you’ve been screaming for!

Being inspired is one thing. 

But being inspired to break free from what your “norm” is a completely different thing! 

I used to be you. I used to be sitting in the back, waiting for things to happen for me rather than me making things happen for myself. 20 years ago, a RD put herself out there with her non-diet mentality, and my life was changed. I finally found a way to receive the help I needed and the knowledge I would use later in life that would help me help people like you who are taking risks that will help you enrich not only your own life, but those of whom you serve!

So you may be asking, “What exactly do you teach, Tracy?” Let me help you figure out how to get that client work up and running with inspiration and quality:

Thorough assessment and flow of sessions you provide to clients Process for treating AN, BN, BED, and diet trauma In-depth teaching on IE Continuous work with body image Recognition of early attachment issues, trauma, and work within your scope of those issues Work with kids, teens, and parents Teaching of counseling skills that include MI, body tracking and reflecting Trust building to gain good relationships with your clients Conflict resolution Systematic diet culture awareness and working with our blind spots HAES Inner work evaluation Teamwork Finding solutions Finding your own voice for outreach Ideal clients Business basics And much much more!

While your journey is completely yours, that also means your training will vary based on where you are in that journey and who you will work with.  

The principles carry over throughout the spectrum of eating concerns - nothing that we want to experience, right?  

The scope of how you use the training, credentials, and who you will work with will all vary greatly. But these principles carry over throughout the spectrum of eating concerns.


  • 3 months of minimum commitment for the basics (more months will be offered)  
  • 4 weeks of a didactic/experimental work. ​


  • 4 weeks of didactic/experimental work 
  • Integration of materials/experiences on your own
  • Access to ME via email for “office hours” and during our regular meeting hours. ​

Each month consists of 4 weeks of of didactic/experiential work and then the last week of the month we will integrate the material/experiences on our own but access to me via email for “office hours” during our regular meeting hours. It will be a good mix of information and using it at the body level.

Join Today For Only $500/Month or One Payment of $1200!

And Checkout the Bonuses!

BONUS 1 - There will be individual sessions offered for personal or professional work at a discount during the training period starting Feb 8th. Regular price 180 offered to participants at 100.  

BONUS 2 - 10% off tuition in 2018’s somatic facilitation course 

​Other Info: We will be meeting 12pm eastern time for approx. 1.5 to 2 hours. Please plan on ~2 hours outside of session time for reading or exercises. We will meet via zoom and calls will be recorded and yours to keep.