Body Image...

The idea we have struggled with as long as we can remember.

I learned that smaller was better at 8 years old and the seeds were planted accordingly to worry about my body size growing up.  

We have stuffed, starved and manipulated our bodies in all kinds of ways to help ease the anger, fear and pain of our experiences and emotions.  

We have tried to be good followers of diets, and we were, we just didn't know we were playing in a rigged game that we could never win.  

So between the early imprints of feeling not worthy or wanted and diet culture trying to convince us of our acceptability, our bodies take the hit.  

We start to believe are are too much, need or feel too much and project that all onto our bodies. We repeat stories of "if my legs/but/belly/whole self" were just "thinner/more toned/less gross" I could finally feel okay.

What if this body talk was really an opportunity? 

Not something to judge but a doorway into understanding that "I feel fat" is always "I feel uncomfortable" and that if greeted and attuned to, especially witnessed in relationship with safe others, can be transmuted into some of the greatest freedom we may have known.  

Imagine feeling confidence in being able to decode your bad body thoughts and move through them without hours of trying to distract yourself from the pain.  

And having tools you can revisit again and again to make it "normal" to have a different belief system about your body. To be at peace. To be able to live in this world without every waking moment thinking there is something about your body to fix or trying to stay out of your body.

If you are interested in joining me in a group setting, I welcome you to

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, a Group Study & Process

What To Expect

The Details

  • Me: I will lead the discussion, coach you to go deeper in your own process and be a co-creator in this peace process with your body with you.  
  • You: You will buy the book, When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, show up having read or listened to the pre-assigned sections prior to each meeting and be as present as you can to yourself and others, also helping to create a space of understanding and encouragement. 
  • We: Remember that we were born whole with the capacity be peaceful and attuned with our bodies, it's just that life had experiences in our paths that made it feel impossible to stay attuned. WE can return to safe attunement that helps us WANT to be in and like our bodies again.
  • We will meet for 5 weeks in a row starting Thursday October 18, 2018 at 7:30pm Eastern.
  • Each session will last 60-75 min of teaching and processing of the book: "When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies" by Hirshman and Munter  
  • We will use the platform zoom, where you can join by video or phone.
  • You will receive an email with reminders to order your book, zoom log in instructions, a list of all the meeting dates and an email the days leading up to each meeting, (5 emails in total, 1 each week) with some questions for contemplation/journaling prior to our meeting. 

This is just a small sample of what you'll get when you join the When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies Group Study

Read What One of Our Clients Have to Say...

"My first experience ever with Tracy was a group study of the book, "When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies." At times, the read was difficult simply because of the subject matter and my place on my journey. But, Tracy opened her heart and walked me gently through my thoughts, my feelings, my old narratives. Her investigative prompts helped me to discover places that I didn't recall that I'd buried old things. She guided me through what would have been a winding path had I gone it alone, but she helped me take a more direct route to what was troubling me and then how I could have that be better for me. Tracy invested in my growth. She actively listened to me and presented me with her observations that were so spot on for me personally. Tracy is very cognizant of boundaries and gently asks permission before she shares. I always knew that it was OK to tell her no, that I didn't want to hear her perspective, but why would I? Her impressions and thoughts and wisdom always take me to a new place with creative ways to sort it out for myself. When we would meet again, Tracy accurately remembered what we were working on and helped me put my thoughts and actions into words so that I could discover the "whys" behind my experiences. I am so grateful for my time with Tracy. I'm so amazed that I found her and that she gently looked into my heart and help me tidy up so very much. Thank you, Tracy, for all you've given me and for all you have in store for me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life." - Cathy | Body Image Group

By Now, you're probably wondering, "How much does this cost?"

For 5 Weeks of the materials, teaching, support and transformation of your relationship with food, for learning the language of what mistrust of your body is really saying to you, so you can trust yourself with faith and authority and let go of the culture of body policing that ruins people's self-worth and lives the exchange is:

I'm ready!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you are reading this, I know you understand how important this work is for having more time and energy back in our lives. To walk around at peace with one's body can only lead to peace with ourselves.  

I welcome you here and honored to walk with you toward peacefulness.

 © 2018 Tracy Brown, R.D.